GOES 8/10 Hot Spot Images
With acknowledgments to
Naval Research Laboratory Satellite Applications Group
headed by Jeff Hawkins
for GOES data preprocessing and access.
The Remote Sensing Data Analysis Service (RSDAS, Plymouth Marine Laboratory, Plymouth, UK)
headed by Dr Peter Miller (wwwrsdas@unixmail.npm.ac.uk)
for AVHRR data preprocessing and access.

     Aloha! Welcome to the GOES 8/10 Hotspot volcanoes page

     The boxes below are centered on specific volcanoes in our coverage area. Each set is centered on a volcano or group of volcanoes and presents an RGB, Thermal, and Key image. By clicking on any image, you will be taken to the site for that volcano in the image viewer.

     Note that by adjusting the width of your browser page the images can be viewed side-by-side for easier comparison. While we make every effort to maintain our server at close to 100% reliability, we regret that sometimes these images may temporarily be unavailable.

   Status: All sites operating normally.

GOES Image Viewer




El Chichon

Santa Maria/Fuego/Pacaya

Cerro Negro/Masaya/Momotobo



Yasur(New Hebrides)

Ambrym(New Hebrides)


Montserrat (Lesser Antilles)

Lascar (N Chile)

Villarrica (Central Chile)


Guagua Pichincha (Ecuador)

Cotopaxi (Ecuador)

Tungurahua (Ecuador)

Sangay (Ecuador)

GOES 8/10 Hotspot Images  

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