Remotely Sensed Hot Spot Images
With acknowledgments to
Naval Research Laboratory Satellite Applications Group
headed by Jeff Hawkins
for GOES data preprocessing and access.
The Remote Sensing Data Analysis Service (RSDAS, Plymouth Marine Laboratory, Plymouth, UK)
headed by Dr Peter Miller (
for AVHRR data preprocessing and access.

    Status: All sites operating normally.

Location: Sicily AVHRR
Lat Lon: 37.50 15.00 Pixels: 320 X 303 X 1.1 km
Year: 2009 Day: 140 Frame: 20090520_131100_19500_12750_00320_00303_1102

iceland etna hawaii bigisland e158s09 e169s18 galapagos montserrat nzl usn1 uss1 usw108n44 usw109n36 maine w015n15 samericaw60s08 alaskaw alaskae mexicow mexicoe camerica samericaw77n00 samericaw69s17 samericaw67s25 samericaw69s37 samericaw73s46 phillipines_g9 japan_s_g9 japan_n_g9 e167s19_g9 nzl_g9 e158s09_g9 kamchatka_g9 indonesia_e_g9 indonesia_m_g9 indonesia_w_g9

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Remotely Sensed Hotspot Images

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