GOES 9/10/12 Hot Spot Images
With acknowledgments to
Naval Research Laboratory Satellite Applications Group
headed by Jeff Hawkins
for GOES data preprocessing and access.
The Remote Sensing Data Analysis Service (RSDAS, Plymouth Marine Laboratory, Plymouth, UK)
headed by Dr Peter Miller (wwwrsdas@unixmail.npm.ac.uk)
for AVHRR data preprocessing and access.

     Aloha! Welcome to the GOES 9/10/12 Hotspot Images web site hosted by the Hawai'i Institute of Geophysics and Planetology, at the University of Hawai'i.
     We are currently posting the most recent GOES-9, GOES-10 and GOES-12 images for selected sites in the Western Hemisphere. Each site is imaged by a GOES satellite an average of once every 15 minutes. These image data are made directly available to us by the Naval Research Laboratory, enabling our images to be updated at that frequency. Allowing for data transfer and processing time, our most current images are usually 10-30 minutes old when displayed.
     Six GOES image products are presented for each site. The purpose of the different images is to highlight various atmospheric and thermal features. Some sites contain additional information on the radiance (energy output) of specific areas of interest, such as an active volcano. Three and a half day mpeg movies are available for image products highlighted by a blue border. Click on these highlighted images to view the corresponding movie. For a description of how we produce these image products please read our image product descriptions page.
     Use caution when interpreting these images. The strong temperature difference between land and water may generate false hotspots along coastlines.
     Note that by adjusting the width of your browser page the images can be viewed side-by-side for easier comparison. While we make every effort to maintain our server at close to 100% reliability, we regret that sometimes these images and movies may temporarily be unavailable.
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GOES 9/10/12 Hotspot Images  

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